Service terms

■Article 1 [Purpose]
The purposes of this terms is to contract of baggage service and to limit of the responsibility with SAFEX customers and members ( "Customer").

■Article 2 [Definition of words]
1. customers: those who have signed a contract with the company
2. The company: company which has signed a contract with customers and provide a baggage service for a fixed fee. (SAFEX)
3. Baggage: items entrusted the company with the appropriate procedure
4. Fees: A company(SAFEX) demands separately for this service
5. Baggage Service : Service which is provided by SAFEX related with baggage.(storage & delivery)

■Article 3 [Trademarks]
1. All names, logos, service, design, and associated with the slogan SAFEX is the trademark of SAFEX
2. The customer can not use a trademark without the approval of the SAFEX.

■Article 4 [the Service Request]
1. In order to transport the customer's baggage to the airport, the customer must provide the required information.
2. The company do not take responsibility for the problems during service because of wrong information provided from customers to company.
3. After applyting for this service, customer is considered to agree to the terms.
4. The customer can apply / change the service without penalty from 1 day prior to 00:00 on the day of baggage collection / delivery.
5. If customer want to cancel the reservation, company have to refund the fees without penalty from 1day prior to 00:00 on the day of baggage collection / delivery.
6. In case the customer requests a change/cancellation of the service after 0:00 a.m. a day before the date when the luggage is picked up/delivered, the company has the right to reject such a request.

■Article 5 [Regulation on baggage]
1. No Service product
- Easley breaking product or perishable product. Ex) Laptop, Camera, Tablet PC, Coasty personal electronic device or cash, jewelry, contract Document, passport, identification, key etc. An invaluable product cannot be delivered.
2. If customers won't reclaim your baggage from Travel Store up to 30 days of fixed date, we will dispose all your baggage.
3. If you don't pick up your baggage on the day, you need to pay extra fee.
4. Additional charges may occur depending on the situation.
5. Please notice that the baggage can be contaminated when it's being delivered.
6. According to the traffic situation or Express train time changing, baggage receipt time may be delayed.
7. Depends on the current traffic, weather, or other local conditions, travel itinerary can be changed. Or it may be canceled due to unforeseen circumstances.
8. Tickets will not be reissued for lost or damaged.
9. You have to visit our center in our business hours.(Please check our pamphlet) If you can’t arrive in our center on time, we are not responsible.
10. Baggage delivery service is provided for included hotel list only.

■Article 6 [Liability and Compensation]
1. The maximum compensation limit for lost baggage is 500,000won.
2. The maximum cost for repair the storage is 50,000won when the baggage or contents of your baggage need a repair.
3. Limited compensation.
- The damage from too heavy or exceed baggage capacity is excluded.
- Contents damage or missing accompanied by the damage of baggage is excluded.
- A slight scratch is excluded (a slight scratch is normally happened when the baggage is handled).
- The situation that the company already makes preparations in advance or accordingly uncontrollable reason that company cannot make preparations, customers are exception of the compensation.
- If customers didn’t fill out exact contents of the baggage, the compensation is excluded.
4. Damage or missing contents of your baggage is excluded.
5. When there is a risk for damage or missing, please report to the staff. Depending on reported contents, you cannot keep your baggage.
6. company is not liable for any damage and delay of baggage due to reasons unrelated to the company.
1) an act of public authority 2) criminal acts of others 3) Government Regulation 4) transport strikes or other labor disputes 5) War, military or police actions 6) acts of terrorism 7) riots 8) the destruction of transport facilities due to natural disasters 9) natural disasters 10) Customer's mistake

■Article 7 [disclaimer]
1. If the customer does not ask for compensation to the company for lost / damaged / delayed luggage company shall not be responsible anymore.
2. The Company is not liable for the customer's reimbursement requests received after the specified period of each arc.
1) loss or damage: within 24 hours from the time of delivery to the customer to baggage
2) delay: 72 hours from the time you decide to deliver the baggage to customers
3. If you want your customers if you do not receive your luggage for no apparent reason, it is possible to dispose the luggage after one month has elapsed from the date of delivery, customers receive baggage delivered within one month, depending on the lapse date separate storage fee (per day, 50% of the transport fee) can be collected.